Yachting on Amalfi Coast

Yachting on Amalfi Coast

Yachting Etiquette | Amalfi Coast
It became almost a tradition spending my Summer holidays on a boat.
Sailing, yachting, fishing or racing, anything can be fun as long as is well organised, and who can do it better then me let’s be honest.
When you think of Italy, you think of images with freshly baked pizzas, morning espressos and stylish locals zipping around on Vespas. But that’s not all! The ‘boot’ of Europe is in the premier league of the hot destinations this Summer.
The plan looked as following:
2 sailing charters heading from – Napoli to – Procida – Ischia – Ponza – Capri – Positano – Amalfi – Sorrento  – 7 Days – and… back to Napoli.
  Day 1 in Naples,

 34 degrees and an endless queue at the passport control (the airport is quite small, busy and no Air-conditioning on arrivals). British Airways is offering some good deals from London, Gatwick Airport, however there is no BA lounge facilities for the executive members. By 10.30 AM, all of us landed from all over at Aeropuerto di Napoli. Full of excitement and happiness we headed to the shuttle that was gonna transfer us to a holiday of a lifetime.  2 sailing charters and 18 fellows who meant to behave but there was too many other options. Not really knowing each-other that well, was nothing more challenging then to get along for few days in a small environment on the sea. Adrian & Sorin (the cabin crew) were by far the best skippers I’ve met.

Similar to other gorgeous destinations, such us Santorini, the Amalfi Coast is once of those places where, when you see it in person, you think, really? Are you really that gorgeous?

The answer is definitely yes! The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sorrento and all other towns in between are stunning, particularly in the Summer time when the water is sparkling, Prosecco  is ruling and everyone is dressed like they’re on the cover of a Vogue Magazine, seaside edition.

But how do you get to Amalfi Coast at an affordable price? Well, they key is to do your research and look at your options with few good months prior departure, as everyone knows that flights becomes quite expensive at the last minute.

With regards accommodation: the coast is full of luxury boutique hotels with great views, best food ever and of course high rates (same as Mykonos). A good way to see the entire Amalfi Coast, avoiding wasting tome on transfers and hotel bookings is to rent your own charter, and that’s what we did.

  Day 2: Sorrento 
  Of course, the next day I woke up feeling like a princess again (it’s kind of hard not to on a private charter, with the king-sized bed softer then a cloud, the endless bright colors and the mini curtains delicately blowing in the breeze). I had my first espresso on the deck just before everyone else woke up and witnessed the most beautiful sunrise, my first one on a boat.
  About Sorrento? I can only say the magic word ‘Limoncello’, traditionally made from the zest of Sorrento lemons. The region is famous for this magical liquor, so if you are going to drink it anywhere, drink it here.
Restaurants: you can go wrong with any of it as long as it’s got a sea-view. So while on Amalfi make sure you don’t miss out the tiramisu, a cappuccino, Gelateria Primavera, Ravello Festival (or Wagner Festival, held in the town of Ravello) and  Le Sirenuse Restaurant in Positano (requires booking at lease with 2 weeks in advance in Summer time, the place is packed and with good reason).
  Day 3: Capri 
  When it comes to glitz and glamour no one does it quite with the finesse of the Italians, and Capri is no exception. From winding roads, perfect for a James Bond style driving adventure, to stunning views out of Capri and famous designer shops, the city is a mix of history, culture, nature and events that daily blend together in bringing the Legend of Capri to life.
  About Amalfi, Positano, Procida, Ischia and Ponza, I can only say they are all gorgeous, and not to be missed. A visit to Italy’s amazing Amalfi Coast should be on everyone’s travel hit list.
  There is a thing or two about the Southern Italians that I love to capture and that is their passion for life, love, faith, family and music. It would have been easy to go to a place like Venice or Rome but Amalfi made my heart beat harder and I have always followed my heart. I think the people coming to spend some good times on Amalfi will have the time of their life and start a life long love affair with this special place. There is so much to learn from Italians, they have a great sense of humor and l’art d’arrangarsi (the art of getting by) which makes them extraordinarily creative when ‘the chips are down’. One great life lesson that we all could learn is to live for the day. I have never seen a population taking these words so serious and truly live them.
  ‘Tomorrow can wait’  is my favorite say, as I often find myself smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t stop thinking in my head ” you would of loved this, you would have been so proud of me!’
A Salalidis