Travel to Scotland

Travel to Scotland


Rated as one of the greatest hospitality on the airline market and leading on the punctuality and professionalism, British Airways offers daily domestic flights to Scotland from Heathrow Airport every 2 hours.

Few tips while traveling to Glasgow for business:

– If you question yourself if Scotland is a British colony? Well, it has never been one! Scotland is not a British colony. It’s a country on the island of Great Britain and it’s also one of the four countries which makes up the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. So try not to say it out loud if you don’t want negative reactions.
– Men shake hands when greeting one another and usually throw in a “How do you do?”. In more casual situations, professionals often greet each other with, “You alright?” or “Hiya”.
– Scots are not nearly as direct as Americans. They are most of the times hesitant to complain about things and most would rather “grin and bear it” than make a fuss of it.
– Politeness is highly valued. You’ll often find yourself exchanging four or five “thank yous” during a transaction with shopkeeper. If you bump into someone, they will usually apologize to you. Expect a lot of “please”,”thank you” and “sorry”.
– The more personal space in between two, the better. People tend to keep about an 2-3 feet between them while speaking.
– Touching is usually kept to a minimum and is generally not acceptable unless you know the person very well.
– Maintaining eye contact during a conversation is considered polite in most all cases.

Glasgow City Centre
– Don’t forget: An inverted two-finger “peace sign” or “V” for victory sign is an obscenity.
– People tend to walk on the left and pass on the right.
– People usually point using one finger. Don’t find it strange. Just not the middle one.

15 minutes drive to city center might cost you around £20 with an airport taxi. Door to door 5 star transfer it will be around £35 and the Glasgow Airport Express it will cost you only £7.50.

– Looking to rent a 2 bedroom penthouse? It might cost you around £600 in the city center area, which is not bad at all. For £30 000 – £50 000 you can get a nice property up here they say.
Not sure which one are nicer though: the Irish or the Scottish? One thing I know, for sure I’m struggling a bit with both accents.
– If you wish for a good blogging session don’t hesitate to catch a cab. Taxi guys are always the best in driving you around the most traditional sites.
View from my windowHilton Hotel was my choice for this trip. In Glasgow they offer online checkin and the most gorgeous riverside view. The greatest thing about the online checkin is that you don’t have to queue in order to get your room keys. You’ll get it instantly. There is a choice of three hotels wearing Hilton signature in Glasgow. All of them are spotless.

Thinking I could easily come back anytime. However, I might try Edinburgh next time.

Lot of love from Glasgow tonight.



  1. Amazing as always … traveling with you in my mind is always a pleasure! Thank you for this so accurate description of Glasgow ! Have a lovely time out there !!!

  2. Good evening Andreia! I was surfing the net … looking over the flight offers for Glasgow … you really got my mind on it and I was speaking with a couple of my friends here in Italy that we are planing a trip to UK . Effectively the flight from London has a ” domestic” cost rather then coming from Italy
    So very interested in this UK round trip. One question come to my mind : how’s the weather out there ???

    Thanks again for your great appasionat job !

    • Hi Chiara, apologize for the late response. The weather in Scotland is almost the same as UK. Few degrees lower I would say. Very likely you’ll catch some sunshine as well.
      Enjoy your trip darling. XX