Top 10 Mykonos | Restaurants and Beach Bars

Top 10 Mykonos | Restaurants and Beach Bars

After 2 SAILING MYKONOS events this Summer and numerous visits I have decided of my Top 10 places on the Island counted by popularity and class. 

No 10: Saint Anna Beach Bar

The beach bar & restaurant Saint Anna gives another “flavor” to your summer. In the quiet and beautiful beach of Agia Anna you can relax early in the morning enjoying your diving.

The beach service is available and willing to serve you from early in the morning with coffee, juices and a beach menu that will definitely cover you needs. Specifically, fruit salads, a variety of baguettes and sandwich clubs are ideal for a “nibble”.

As a personal opinion, it is a gorgeous setup, however something is missing.

No 9: BRANCO MYKONOS – the newest 5 stars location of the island in 2017 which replaces ‘Lady Anna’ hotel in Platis Gialos, transforming the whole setup in the ultimate luxury. Their beach bar, restaurant and services are EXCELLENT!

No 8: SOLYMAR RESTAURANT is one of my favorites – Originality is an attitude!

By a name meaning “Sun and Sea”, SOLYMAR is located at one of the best Mykonos’ beaches, Kalo Livadi.

SOLYMAR’s design blends harmoniously with the magnificent scenery offering exclusive seafood cuisine, glamorous day-parties and a beautiful private beach.

Well known Chef Marios Tsouris, combines the Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic elements and creates a highly sophisticated gastronomy.

Colours, scents, sea and of course, SOLYMAR’s staff will be the best reason for your return…

No 7:  Situated in Santa MarinaLuxury Collection Resort, opened from Monday to Sunday :13:00 – 19:00 & 20:00 – 01:00, BUDDHA BAR BEACH MYKONOS has managed to be one of the hot spots this Summer.

It is arguably the most beautiful setting I’ve seen in several visits to Mykonos. And of course in terms of music and vibe, Buddha Bar never fails to deliver. Guests of Buddha-Bar Beach can look forward to a distinctive experience that combines the signature atmosphere of the renowned restaurant with the unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea. We have chosen the lunch time.

No 6:  Best sunsets of the island! Still at Caprice!

Caprice of Mykonos has grown into a mindset, a spirit and a legend for more than 30 magical years. It is considered the definition of summertime and fun and regarded as a trend setter, an endless inspiration to Greek entertainment and dining.

The originality of both venues, Caprice bar and Sea Satin restaurant a high quality, festive atmosphere, sophisticated service, legendary music compilations and delightful menus are only just a part of the true legend that is Caprice of Mykonos (I’m sure you’ve heard me talking about Cafe Caprice in Cape Town which is a small part of Greece in the southern point of the African Continent).

No 5: Part of Caprice of Mykonos, SEA SATIN MARKET is a legendary name in the field of Greek dining and entertainment. Located in the most beautiful area of Mykonos, just under the windmills, along the seaside of Little Venice. The view over the sea (pelagos), is breathtaking while the sun sets. The highlight experience is the famous dessert “loukoumades” –small round crunchy donuts spread with honey and topped with vanilla ice-cream, to complete your dinner in the sweetest way and the  Mastiha liqueur offered on the house together with the seasonal fruits platter.

No 4: NAMMOS – it’s not the setup and the style what makes this place a must… as it’s overcrowded as hell, it’s the actual fame and celebrities range, the original parties and the cuisine that makes it so special. Beds are charged 120 Euros per person, Lunch for two around 200 euros. Prices which allows Nammos selecting their guests very carefully.

Arrive over land, or go for anchor with your yacht right in front on the club. Nammos has a tender service that can pick you up from your private yacht.

No 3: PRINCIPOTE – They say is on it’s way to be better than Nammos, however there is room for improvement in staff services area. Following Scorpios recipes – A designer place for sure and a very nice location, Principauté De Mykonos is a brand new restaurant located in Panormos beach in the north part of Mykonos island. Built inside the gulf right next to the sea and the sandy beach opened its doors in 2016 to bring a breeze of renovation and luxury.

No 2:  If in 1967, when it first opened was established as the absolute hot spot of the island, in 2017  REMEZZO comes back at the same idyllic location, still with a new concept and direction, as premium bar-restaurant. At the edge of the Old Harbor and the unique view of Gialos in the background, the gourmet delights and nightlife are perfectly combined. The most beautiful sunset and the music selections by the resident DJ… the journey goes on with
fine Greek dining, seafood dishes, meat, pasta, risottos, a large variety in raws and a large list of celebrities visits along the way.

No 1: Situated in Paraga area, still remains the leader of all. SCORPIOS! At one of the very rare beach locations on Mykonos offering uninterrupted views across the Aegean Sea, horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds, and pinks born of the generous Cycladic sun. Be it a chilled gathering of friends or a day of contemplative, creative solitude, Scorpios beach is a sublime retreat. A few dozen wooden cabanas and sunbeds, elegant in their simplicity, blend discreetly with their natural surroundings. Privacy reigns supreme until the Sunset Rituals begin around 18:30 each day.

Today, even after all the ups and downs economy levels, Mykonos remains The Queen of top holiday destinations in Greece. You would never know there was a crisis going on anywhere in the world when you step onto the sands of Mykonos. Even holiday hot spots like Ibiza and St. Tropez pale in comparison these days to what Mykonos has to offer, with international gossip pages packed with the non-stop glamour and gossip of the endless parade of champagne sipping celebrities. And not only, because Mykonos has something to offer for everyone, from family adventures, to party time for best buddies, to a sublime and romantic honeymoon. No doubt about it, two million yearly visitors can’t be wrong, Mykonos isn’t just hot, Mykonos is on fire! Worldwide names like Grace, Jackie’O, Caprice or Buddha Bar are just few of the attractions that makes Mykonos unique on the map.

While you are there it feels like you can access the entire world and enjoy everything your heart desire… as Mykonos has it all!