Monday, July 15, 2019
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Tag: Catamaran

Lagoon 620 available on Côte d’Azur

I was contemplating the other day going back to South of France the following Summer to be honest and Lagoon 620 looks like the best...

Lagoon 560 | 2014 available in Cyclades, Greece

Pamper yourself in the art of hospitality on a yacht considered by many the ultimate voyager’s catamaran and most of all enjoy the luxury...

Lagoon 420 available in Greece

Available only in Athens, The Lagoon 420 is equipped with a fixed Bimini top, which extends the living space into the cockpit. It is available...

Lagoon 450 available in Athens | Category – Bronze

Starting price - E 6000 in off peak season, the Lagoon 450 catamaran is only available in Athens with the ability to sail it...

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