Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Tag: Africa

National Park Reservations or a Private Game Reserve?

National Park Reservations or Private Game Reserves? What do they have in common?  Along the years I had various opportunities to travel and experience several safaris....

Positive Review at The Bay Hotel in Cape Town

While in Cape Town, you shouldn't miss the hot spot of Camps Bay if you really seeking for the best afternoon sunsets. The...

Top Africa’s Luxury Safari

The African Continent is the most exciting destination than any other at the moment. Luxury Safaris are leading the top of luxury travel offers....

Beautiful Sunset Villa | Western Cape Coast

Situated in my favorite spot on the Western Cape Coast, this 5 Star, ultra-luxurious and exclusive property (Villa / Hotel) nestles on the slopes...

Victoria Falls | The Largest Waterfall in the World

Situated at Zimbabwe and Zambia border, Victoria Falls (over 1708 m wide and over 100 m depth), has been considered the largest curtain of...

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