The Sunflower Walk, by Thames Hospice

The Sunflower Walk, by Thames Hospice


Being one of the busiest end-of-life independent hospices in the UK, with over 450 volunteers (situated in the Queen’s town, Windsor), Thames Hospice is annually conducting few important fund-raising events.

   The Sunflower Walk is one of them; this charity event is Thames Hospice annual family friendly fundraiser, set around the stunning Virginia Water Lake. Walkers can choose from a 13k, 6.5k and 4k route and celebrate the life of a loved one while taking in the beauty of The Royal Landscapes. The beautiful thing is that you can bring your friends, your dogs, or your kids. Everybody is welcomed! Sunflower Walk  saw more then £35K this year.

I have chosen the 13K challenge in the name of my loved one. It’s been hard, but not hard enough! There’s not much to say beside that I have never seen such dedication,  kindness and well managed ‘home’. We have received the greatest support and understanding and I am honestly proud of being part of their events each time.
Photos: Marc Waldron