Solo Escapes | Single Holidays

Solo Escapes | Single Holidays


A new report shows that a quarter of tourists decided to travel alone (Single Holidays) last year. So whether you want to meet new people or simple want some much needed ME time, the industry has come up with some of the most interesting packages: from hosting exclusive ‘singles’ cocktail parties to escorted tours, treks, safaris or a 5* holiday just for yourself the market has it all.

Eremito Hotelito del Alma – an unique hotel with single rooms but double beds, is a ‘secular monastery’ for Body, Spirit and Mind about 2 hours away by car from Rome. ~Rates starts from 190 Euros/night up to 310Euros, prices includes all meals, drinks, service and more. Marcello likes to call it Luxury of the Third Millennium. Have I specified that the cuisine of Eremito is vegetarian? Yes, a menu with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, all in season + bread and pasta are home made. A bit of runaway from the reality or technology.

Iceland | Moyan Brenn

On the other side, 5 stars resorts comes with their own bespoke solo escapes: you can surely choose the average age you want to join, activities or locations. There is no reason the idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Maldives should be for couples only.  Travel concierges has negotiated an exclusive singles rate on double rooms at one private island resort so you can dive unspoiled coral, lounge under the palms, socialise at beach parties, or escape to your private terrace as you prefer.

Best solo destinations to travel are:

British Virgin Islands, Bali (Indonesia), Jamaica, Mykonos, Nassau, Bahamas (Vegas of the Caribbean), South Island (New Zealand), Iceland, Agadir (Morocco);

The outcome of all of this: you do not have to pay extra for accommodation while you travel solo.

Travel specialist Just You guarantees to take care of all the details for us. But more about Just You services and a feedback in a future post.

Barbados Beach | Berit Watkin
Diving in Maldives | Malcolm Browne

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