Sharing economy and the way you’re perceived by others

Sharing economy and the way you’re perceived by others

AluK Design Studio, Quiz Night
Sharing economy is an umbrella term with a range of meanings.

In my entire life I was lucky enough to work with many companies and therefore was a great opportunity to observe a difference between business owners and area managers! CEO’s most of the time interact positively with their staff (as they know they are the ones keeping the business going) in the meantime, area managers will always watch their own back and tend to try to impress instead of managing correctly the teams and be a proper teacher for everyone. Teaching is not a CEO’s job though. It’s a manager job!

On the flip side of sharing is keeping all of your ideas and ‘collateral’ to yourself. 

Keeping Information just for yourself affects not only your work and social life but also the organization that you work for… it doesn’t make you smarter or cooler either… in most cases this brings up some sort of personal frustrations and self-esteem. Professionals should understand that communication is the key in modern business and no one will actually take their job just for sharing and teaching others. Those who share are generally confident. On the same path, those who hide and keep everything to themselves are only restricting themselves further.

Some people will have heard sayings such as ‘happy people deliver the best things’ or ‘smiles brings in deals’ and ‘networking notifies everyone of your existence’. Life is no longer a competition… life is a collaboration of personal with professional and that’s what many of us are missing.

Individuals tend most of the time to build a wall around them at work causing a lack of source credibility. What is happening after this?! Emotional disconnect towards the business perhaps instead focusing on personal growth and advancement. 

The ultimate cruel outcome of all this is that in some cases, individuals start working for a salary and not for personal development anymore. Employees begin to complain in order to receive and business owners stop giving in order to prove their own power. I’m not defending employee or employer here, with all the respect, everyone plays their part, but the actual root of the failure in any one company tends to be the management process. 

AluK Design Studio is one of the few organizations in London that promotes successfully the social interaction and my only comment to this is : Well done guys!

So share. Share thoughts. Share the resources you have in work and your personal life. You’ll ultimately learn more, be respected and probably have a much more fulfilling career. 

(Many thanks to Edurne Aginaga for the great photographs).