Yachting Sardinia | The winner of Summer 2018

Yachting Sardinia | The winner of Summer 2018

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The winner of 2018 is Sardinia of course. 

Sardinia: We’ve been wanting to see this place for a while now and finally we made it happen. We carefully selected our crew and booked out the promised Charter.


The Caribbean-like beaches here are some of the best-looking in Europe. Meanwhile, across to the west, the fishing village of Isola Rossa lays claim to its own standout arc of sand. The water here is gin-clear, too, which makes it a great place to snorkel.

Melting-pot architecture

Sardinia’s architectural offerings are different to the rest of Italy, too. This is because the island was once the natural pit stop for empires journeying through the Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians, Vandals and Byzantines all left their mark on the place. But the influence that’s most obvious is the Spanish one. Alghero was colonized by the Spanish Catalans for hundreds of years. The town’s street signs are still written in Catalan and the design of the cathedral shouts about its Catalan roots.

Probably, this place is not the best destination for nightlife lovers. Once you begin your sailing week around Sardinia and La Maddalena your main activities will be to swim in turquoise and emerald waters, relax in the hammock of the boat while feeling the sea breeze, sailing, and walk along beaches and paths often deserted.

Its people, proud of the beauty of their island, welcome those who visit this land, but protect it with passion to avoid that it becomes a mass tourist destination. These facts make Sardinia a paradise in the Mediterranean, perfect for a boat holidays enjoying its nature, beaches, sea, food and people.

What Sardinia have in common with its Italian neighbors?
Is its passion for food and fine wine. 
What’s the weather like?

June, July, August are good to visit, however, September is the perfect time to visit Sardinia, and that is what we are going for. Late summer is particularly good as the sea has had all summer to heat up making swimming an absolute pleasure at this time of year.

Local Sailing Tips

The costs of mooring fees for a 39ft yacht range from €20 to upwards of €100 per night, with prices sometimes rising to double the cost when staying over a weekend. If you are looking to save on marina costs there are plenty of bays to anchor off in. Some of the better anchorages have mooring buoys which one have to pay for, but these are often less expensive than a marina.

Portisco is a great place to spend your first night rubbing shoulders with the super-yachts that often pick up their rich and famous clients here.

Cruise over to Corsica

From the Maddalena Islands did you know you can sail to Corsica? It’s under 15 miles to the southern tip of Corsica from Santa Maria and a lovely sail. So we suggest popping over the Bonifacio and experiencing some French influences for a night. You might recognize the town when you get here as its the setting for the famous film ‘V for Vendetta’.

Once you’ve spent the night in the scenic town of Bonifacio why not head back down to the island of Spargi in the Maddalena Islands. Spargi island is part of the Maddalena National Park and has many species of protected birds, there’s also the Maritime Museum which has artifacts and remains from Roman ships.

Sardinia is well known for its chic and classy residents, simply stunning scenery and its gastronomic delights. As well as being able to sail along Sardinia’s coastline perhaps the most appealing reason to sail here is the magnificent La Maddalena Islands. A collection of islands that are so spectacular they have been designated a National Marine Park.


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