Personal Branding | Become an extraordinary brand

Personal Branding | Become an extraordinary brand

Open networks exposes you to new ideas, new people.

Personal branding.

Everywhere we go, everything we do brings up a new network opportunity. Whether is at the groceries store, at the mall or business meetings, a new group of people surround us.

But how important is networking?

According with Michael Simpsons open networks are the #1 step for a successful career.

Anyone knows the difference between open network and closed network?

  • Open networks exposes you to new ideas, new people;
  • Meanwhile closed networks exposes you to people who already knows each other, ‘which reinforces your belief ‘;

David Christopher Lee said that in the luxury world it’s all about the strategy of developing relationships through friendship and business.

Ever thought how to connect with people on a personal level while networking?

Branding is simply transforming something that sounds ordinary into something extraordinary.

For example your name: while introducing yourself, why not creating a fabulous story about your name that can’t be forgotten?! Make the story a little bit personal that the others will remember you. Memorable, not too bubbly, not too glittery or pushy!

Personal etiquette is also part of the strategy, use it wisely.

If you want to be professionally recognized, respected or promoted, you should take control of your personal brand.

Only you should be the one transmitting the others what you want them to know about yourself and not letting anyone assuming anything else.

Best advice for 2017 will be to start working on your personal brand. Turn your name, profession or where you live into an extraordinary story. That will be a great start in creating your own extraordinary brand to help influencers remember you.

We often spend a lot of time and money planning holidays: what exotic place do we want to visit, great restaurants, or how can we best get there.

Why not do the same with your professional life. When you start chasing specific events you increase your chance of meeting more influential executives.

To become a great leader you have to adapt! they say. This is something that I haven’t seen a lot these days. Professionals don’t adapt very easy to what’s called BIM strategy, which in this case could be translated as a Business Information Modeling.

Start up from:   

  • Expertise  
  • Investment  
  • Research  
  • Experience     
  • Development  
  • Manufacturing     
  • Distribution   
  • Innovation      
  • Efficiency      
  • Excellence   
  • Marketing    

        – SUCCESS –

Good luck with it!