French Riviera top 10 | Treat yourself on South of France

French Riviera top 10 | Treat yourself on South of France

Yachting Etiquette | Cannes
Yachting in Cannes, by A Salalidis
Cannes, the place to be at least once in a lifetime some says.
Spotting a celebrity strolling on the roads is nothing out of ordinary. Cannes is the place where the  elite crowd ‘floud’ their money and style. Here are 5 top things to treat yourself in this paradise.
  •   Some of the finest dining in the world can be found in here, as French Riviera is got more Michelin stars than anywhere else, so put your best sunglasses and start your first day with a  fancy lunch on Cannes ‘Boulevard de la Croisette‘. Strongly recommended CBeach Restaurant , ask for Eric or Gabby, they will take care of you as you were their best friend.
  •   Book a segway tour |can start from £65/day, or rent a segway for 3 days for £150.
  •  Visit at least one Medieval Towns of South of France. I suggest Eze Village or Antibes.
  •   Have a drive to Le Monastere Fortifie, views are amazing.
  •  Book yourself into a 5 * SPA
Yachting in South of France
Yachting in South of France
The Principate of Monaco
In this Mediterranean paradise, luxury has no limits!
  1. To swim in the ambiance you can rent a Lamborghini LP560 Spyder/ prices starts from 1200 Euros per day, and if that’s not your style maybe Bentley GTC will suite you more, starting from 900 Euros a day.                                                                       If you want to drive along the streets of the famous F1 Grand Prix circuit, then rent a Ferrari  F430F1 Spider for only £200/h.  Nothing is impossible when it comes to Monaco.
  2.  Book a Private Luxury Yacht Tour.
  3.  Discover Opera de Monte-Carlo, some of the greatest singers as Caruso, Luciano Pavarotti, Melba and so on, have performed in here; or dress to impress and have a night at Monte Carlo Casino.
  4.   Take a helicopter tour around the coast and the islands.
Fact:  Did you knew that Monaco is only 2 squares kilometers, making it the second smallest nation in the world after Vatican City.
France Riviera is synonymous with luxury and finding a place that fulfills your expectations is never too hard. So pack your bags and experience the beauty of Cote d’Azur  yourself.

Dijon, France

Sincerely, A Salalidis