Etiquette & business | BIM your way to success!

Etiquette & business | BIM your way to success!

 Attitudes and values reflect the way people behave usually and personal development should be a priority these days, irrespective of what stage you are at in your career. Why not invest in ourselves first.

Meanwhile the use of a good etiquette won’t make up for your knowledge, bad manners and poor etiquette can cost both, you and the organization that you work for.

So here are the golden business etiquette rules for a successful attitude:

  • Dress for business | Create your own capsule wardrobe if possible for the whole business week. Nails, hair and makeup should be always discreet and fresh.  Do not wear strong colors or very high heels while in the office.
  • Use Social Media for Business. In NYC is very common for individuals or companies to have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, which actually is replacing the actual business cards and shows a summary of your lifestyle. In any corporate is quite important to be as popular as you can and Social Media shows it as it’s best. If you are a team player, consider yourself on the right side of the game.  E-mails should always be responded immediately if you want to stay in the loop.
  • Don’t say ‘please‘ and ‘thank you‘ only now and then. These two works should be part of your daily interaction with anyone.
  • Do not give your opinion unless they ask for it. Uninspired comments might brake the whole bubble around you.
  • Attend a business event! Networking is taking you to another level once you learn how to use it.
  • Punctuality! Is maybe the most important etiquette point. It is considered very impolite to arrive late for a business meeting especially when is valued with such a high rate.
  • Be very careful on greetings, conversation and customs. Do not speak too loud or get too excited in any situation. Language matters as well as the look!
  • Business executives find themselves in situations when they must communicate effectively, with colleagues or clients. Understanding the role of networking is what thoughtful business owners consider an executive survival skill.
  • Be aware you are judged by the manner in which you choose the world to view you as a professional. Make no mistakes! It’s all in the details!
  • Polite people talk little about their close family and friends. With other words, is best to avoid getting too personal.
  • Listening is just as important skill as talking. So make sure you know when to listen and when to impress.

   Sincerely, A Salalidis

Special thanks to ‘Louise.Ro’, ‘The Storyalist’ & ‘Daniela Oancea’ Photography