Danube Delta River | Romania

Danube Delta River | Romania

Danube Delta River
Danube Delta River | Romania Danube Delta has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage in 1991, with several areas off-limits for the tourists (more than 50% of the biosphere reserve is intact).

There is something raw and unrefined about the Danube Delta.

The Danube Delta is a bird-watching paradise with over 300 species (they states that is the richest collection in Europe). About half are migratory (best to visit between early April and late October) while the rest use it as breeding grounds. Millions of Egyptian Pelicans come each year in spring time, while another million birds arrive in winter for the warmer climes. And that’s not all. There are almost 3,500 species of animals, including wolves, boar, foxes, otter, minx and deer, as well as 1,700 plant varieties.

On the river there are few lodges, guesthouses and floating hotels prepared to offer traditional food, intense silence, a sea of green, gardens and weeping willows. Every hotel has boats and floating pontoons, ready to transform your holiday into the best adventure of your life.

The silence that I’ve experienced in here, I’ve never found it anywhere so far. I could say the same for ‘Gura Portitei‘ virgin beach (the place where the Danube waters meet the Black Sea which an interesting place for wildlife travelers eager to experience the sunrise in a very special place way), also part of the Natural Reserve.

Warning: Once you arrive there for the first time, becomes addictive. You will want to go there over and over again. The Delta safaris are absolutely stunning and rated as once in a lifetime experience.

Covering over 2,000 square miles, the Danube has an complex network of channels spread between 3 main ones – Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe – each one have it’s own “personality” and individual attractions. This special place, ‘Europe’s best preserved delta’ is considered to be the largest and most compact reed bed area on the planet, and is sheltering spectacular ‘wildlife highlights’.

It’s waterways and marshes are home for 45 freshwater fish species – the main being European sturgeonDanube sturgeonstarry sturgeon and sterlet – bearers of caviar; carps, pikes, zanders, makerels, grey mullets, breams, tenches, sheat fishes – a “tough choice land” for the fishermen.

This been said, if you are a nature lover then the Romanian Danube will give you one treasure after another.


  1. I have heard a lot about this amazing place you are describing here and I was interested in going one time in my life … but now … you catch my mind my eyes and my soul with this article ! I leave in Italy and I have lots of Romanian friends and thought none of them talked me about the Danube so passionately! Thank you so much for opening my eyes. You got here a new big fan of your amazing Blog miss Andreia Salalidis !!!! My best wishes