Some of us prefer the finer things in life. That’s why we work hard all week, that’s why we budget, and we save – to treat ourselves regularly to upscale clothes, cars, houses, and especially vacations. If you’re the type of person who spares no expense (and has the financial means to do so) then you travel in the lap of luxury – the finest meals, the highest thread count and the most exclusive itineraries. Our concierge is offering embraces the finest things in life.

We provide our services to an elite clientele in London, and the most popular jet-setter destinations in Europe, including South Africa. Each of our clients is unique to us and we always offer a bespoke range of services to meet every stringent demand. Among our offering, we also arrange access to the finest restaurants, bars and night clubs, as well as, the must-attend cultural, sport and nightlife events.

Gift Buying & Shopping Assistance London is one of the finest cities when it comes to a rewarding shopping experience with hundreds of shopping outlets to choose from. Our stylists and personal assistants understand the London fashion scene inside out and will ensure that all your needs are met promptly and delicately by assisting you directly on your shopping spree.

Luxury Goods Sourcing Our exclusive relationships with luxury brands and suppliers allow us to offer luxury goods such as designer bags, shoes, watches and fashion apparel at generous discounts to our Members. Moreover we can help you locate hard to find or sold out luxury goods and deliver these straight to your door.

Restaurants & Hotel Bookings
We can also arrange reservations to the finest restaurants and hotels in London. Moreover our Members can benefit from personal recommendations, priority bookings and last minute reservations to highly sought-after venues.

Guest Lists & Table Reservations
Our Members can make guest list and table reservations to premium and exclusive night clubs in Mayfair and Chelsea. Our featured night clubs are strictly Members-only venues and our booking services will ensure that you can access London’s finest nightspots.

Ticket Sourcing
Our team can help you source tickets for any ticket occasion in London for Sports, Music, Theater, VIP Tickets, and Corporate Hospitality.

Luxury Travel
Our Members have access to the most exotic and breath-taking destinations as well as luxurious private villas, holiday resorts and stunning hotels across the globe. Whatever your preference we will match every amenity to your personal specification and style.

Private Transportation
Our Members can enjoy worldwide private travel, whether that would be chartering a mega-yacht or a private jet and hiring exclusive super-cars as well as chauffeur-driven automobiles.