Winter in Bucharest | Romania

Winter in Bucharest | Romania


Same as Siberia, Lapland or any Northern countries, Romania has it’s own Winter magic.

Literally I could not help myself not sharing with everyone these beauties. There is not much to say beside that is the landscape of my life. The landscape that ‘takes me far away’, the landscape that takes me to my childhood… to my ‘home’.

Few of the below photographs have been shot in the city of Constanta. Founded in 600 BC, (historically known as “Tomis”) is the oldest continually inhabited city in Romania. Its port is the largest on the Black Sea and one of the most capacious in Europe.

The city’s coastline is guarded by the empty Cazino of Constanţa, a rare and eye-catching example of Romanian Art Nouveau design.

Bucharest, Romania

The legend says that one hundred years ago this former casino was Romania’s most magnificent building, hosting world leaders and Europe’s elite. It survived two bombings during two world wars before gambling laws extirpated its profitability. The building was later forced into civic duty, which it served until it eventually closed in 1990. Attempts to renovate the waterfront site have been defeated by a financial crisis, delicate renovation constraints, gambling restrictions, and political indecision. Impressive history I may say! For Constanţa the casino remains an emblem and its silhouette will always be synonymous with the city and Romanian architecture.

The other few photographs have been taken on the main park of Bucharest. Anyone who still thinks that Bucharest is a city of concrete and cement has clearly never been to the city’s lung, the incomparable Herastrau Park.

Herastrau has an area of 1.1 km², of which 0.7 km² is the actual lake. Initially, the area was full of marshes, but these were drained after 1930, and the park was opened in 1936.

The park is divided into two zones: a rustic or natural zone (the Village Museum), which is left more or less undisturbed, and a public/glamourous domain with open areas for recreation activities, luxurious nightclubs and very high-end restaurants.

Small private boats are allowed on the lake too.

There are few places I love being in Winter time. The most desirable one it will always remain Romania.