The Castle | Clifton Bay, Cape Town

The Castle | Clifton Bay, Cape Town

Breathtaking view over 'The 12 Apostles'


Breathtaking view over ‘The 12 Apostles’,

The Castle

If you are looking for some of South Africa’s most exclusive and luxurious villas, boutique hotels as well as a few select game reserves you are on the right page. Our villas are mainly located along the Atlantic Seaboard and other close surrounding areas. Most of the properties are available for shoots being either stills or films. With almost 20 years of experience in the Cape Town property field, our team is able to offer you all property related services. Therefore we provide a bespoke concierge service where we cater for the likes and needs of top celebrities.

Gracious and commodious living is afforded in this eight-stores residence of imposing splendor. Most of all the property is an uncompromising architectural statement occupying three consecutive plots. Suspended on the edge of the hillside, one enters the residence on the sixth floor as greeted by two Chinese terracotta warrior replicas framing the entrance. The opulence is underscored by rich fabric hangings and silk rugs contrasting with deep mahogany and warm walnut wood tones.

Situated in the most sought-after secluded location on Nettleton Road, the property comes with 6 on-suite bedrooms, WiFi , 4x cars garage and stylish swimming pool.

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Sincerely Andreia Salalidis, Cape Luxury Residences Ambassador.

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